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The Sierra backcountry is only accessible on foot or horseback. This pristine area offers those who enter it a most wonderful experience.

Lakes, streams, mountains, wildlife and unparalleled scenic views.

Bodie Ghost Town

This authentic Ghost Town is thirteen miles off highway 395 near the town of Bridgeport. This Ghost Town is one of the most famous mining towns from the old west. It's history of wild and raucous miners is well documented.

Bodie is one of the best preserved Ghost Towns left in the United States. Only as recent as 1968 was this town given to the protection of the U.S. Forest Service. It is a must see, bringing back the old west in all it's glory.

Mammoth Lakes Basin

Just a couple of miles from the town, the Mammoth Lakes Basin offers the summer visitor numerous lakes, streams and waterfalls. The views are unforgettable; great fishing, boating, hiking, horseback riding, to name just a few of the activities. During the winter months great cross country skiing is offered on scenic tracks around the basin.

Mono Lake

Created thousands of years ago with a high acidic content, Mono Lake is home to millions of birds throughout the year.

The lake is inhabited by "brine shrimp" that is an attractive food source for the different kinds of birds that frequent the lake. There are no fish in this lake because of the mineral content. The "Tufa" towers, a limestone formation created from underwater springs, create a eerie collection of statues along the shoreline.

The Forest Service has an overlook point and information center on the history and formation of the lake as well as the Paiute Indian Tribe that has lived along the shores over the years. Alongside the lake are the Inyo craters that were active volcanoes seven hundred years ago.

Rainbow Falls and Devils Postpile

Both of these spectacular sites are nestled in the "Reds Meadow" valley. It is a twenty minute drive from the Mammoth area. The drive into the valley offers the most fantastic vistas of the Sierra Nevada range.

In the Reds Meadow area are lakes and the head waters of the San Joaquin river that runs all the way to the pacific ocean.

Rainbow Falls and Devils Postpile are short hikes by foot or on horseback. The area offers great fishing, horseback riding, hiking or just enjoying some of the sierras most beautiful country.

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